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Healing Herbs

Learn how to make herbal medicines with healing herbs for vibrant health and first aid

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Harmful Ingredients

Find out about the harmful ingredients you should watch out for and why you should avoid them.

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Harmful Ingredients Descriptions

There are literally hundreds of potentially harmful ingredients to avoid in personal care and other products.

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The History of Aromatherapy

the history of aromatherapy, When and where did the use of aromatherapy and essential oils begin

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lotion recipe

Use this lotion recipe to learn how to make your own.

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The benefits and ways to use neroli essential oil

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starter essential oils

information on the ten starter essential oils for your essential oil starter kit

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Myrrh Essential Oil

Benefits and ways to use myrrh essential oil

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Individual Essential Oils

Learn all about the benefits and properties of individual essential oils

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What are essential oils?

Are all essential oils the same? Is everything you see with “essential oil” in the name, a true therapeutic essential oil?

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tangerine-mandarin essential oil

ways to use and beneftis of tangerine-mandarin essential oils

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rosemary essential oil

benefits and uses for rosemary essential oil

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Definition of Aromatherapy

What is the definition of aromatherapy? What comes to mind when you hear it?

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What Are Carriers?

How important are essential oil carriers? What are carriers?

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Herbal Infusions

How to make herbal infusions, decoctions, teas and tonics

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