Do you know what the definition of aromatherapy is?

The definition of aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to achieve therapeutic benefits and promote health and well being. Is that what comes to mind when you hear it?

Have you ever breathed the sweet-basalmic scent of pine and thought of Christmas, or inhaled the rich aroma of vanilla and been reminded of home baked cookies, or freshly mowed grass and been taken back to that summer family reunion.

If so, then you have experienced the power of aroma to conjure memories and create mood. Have you been awaken with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and felt ready to face the day or ever walked on the beach bracing the sea air to clear your mind and came back with a sense of well-being.

Not only can smells alter your emotional state, but they can actually support your physical health as well. Essential oils enable you to harness the power of fragrance through the science of aromatherapy. You can experience this amazing approach to holistic health with therapeutic quality oils. We now know that the definition of Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from plants, herbs, barks, and peels for therapeutic purposes to promote health and well-being and improve the quality of life. They are the intelligence of plants found in seven categories: grass, citrus, gum, flowers, trees, spices, and herbs. Genuine, unaltered high-quality therapeutic essential oils have properties and constituents that may be beneficial to one's body and assist in keeping the immune system strong. The body becomes more balanced through the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is a natural part of life. Everyone has emotional and psychological responses to scent.

In humans, blood is the essence of life disbursing nutrients that give us energy and vitality. Plants and parts of plants, such as herbs, flowers, and fruit, have no blood. They are filled with a fluid that contains their life force, supplying them nutrients and energy.

This fluid contains oils rich in therapeutic properties. The oils are obtained through a process called distillation, which separates the essential oils from the plant.

You can use them to support health and body systems. They can also give you a sense of overall well-being promoting emotional wellness. Using essential oils to promote health is the definition of aromatherapy. Ancient civilizations understood many of the aromatic and therapeutic uses of oils and resins. The modern world is barely beginning to comprehend the value of these hidden treasures.

Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years as incense, perfume, cosmetics, cooking as well as for their medicinal properties. Aromatherapy in Western culture is relatively new, but essential oils have existed since the very first plant, fruit, and shrub were put on this earth. They are the purest form of herbal energy.

Although the modern world is far distant from our Egyptian progenitors, their research in essential oils has paved the way for contemporary aromatherapy.

Learn more about how the definition of aromatherapy came about by leaning about the history of aromatherapy, you will find it enlightening.

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