Li Xuezhong, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People''s Congress, Together with His Delegation Visited Jinfei Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Motorcycle Wheel) for Investigation and Supervision
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          On the afternoon of January 12th, Li Xuezhong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, together with his delegation visited Jinfei Manufacturing Co., LtdMotorcycle Wheel for inspection and supervision, accompanied by Chen Zhishen, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jinhua Municipal People's Congress, and Gao Feng, secretary of Wucheng District Committee, etc. Ge Bingzao, Chairman and President of Jinfei Group, and Wang Zhen, General Manager of Motorcycle Wheel Business Division warmly welcomed Director Li and his delegation, and accompanied the visit to the project site of Feiyang Town of Jinfei Group.


At the project site, Mr.Ge introduced the industrial layout and future plan of Jinfei to Director Li, as well as the construction of Feiyang Town project. In Jinfei, we always adhere to innovation principle in industrial layout, integrate resource and market based on this two-ends layout, and recombine the value distribution. In Feiyang Town, Jinfei intends to build an intelligent manufacturing project which has the capacity of achieving an annual output of 10 million pieces of aluminum alloy motorcycle wheels, an intelligent manufacturing park project for automobile and motorcycle parts, and a new materials application project on aluminum alloy rim, frame and industrial profile or whatever; at the same time to extend the industrial chain by introducing upstream and downstream enterprises.


In order to meet the needs of digital transformation and upgrading of enterprise, under the background of the provincial Party Committee vigorously promoting industrial digitization to lead the high-quality development of Zhejiang manufacturing industry, Jinfei accelerated the transformation and upgrading of scientific and technological achievements by constructing equipment digitization, operation digitization and process digitization. Compared with traditional production line, this project is capable of realizing full-process automation and assembly-line mode, and lowering man-made influence on production efficiency and product quality to the minimum degree. Jinfei has also realized real-time control on the production and operation status by using big data platform, providing decision-making basis for its production, energy saving and security and environmental protection. Mr. Ge, meanwhile, also reflected some existing difficulties and problems of the enterprise to Director Li and his delegation, hoping for some coordination and appeal.


After the introduction from Mr. Ge, Director Li affirmed Jinfeis spirit of adhering to the industry to seek for development and recognized Jinfeis excellent results in digital transformation in manufacturing industry. Also, he expressed his following hopes on Jinfei and relevant departments respectively. On the one hand, Jinfei shall give full play to the advantages of independent innovation, enhance comprehensive competitiveness and strengthen enterprise self-confidence. On the other hand, relevant departments shall focus on enterprise demands and both practically and effectively handle the problems reflected, providing assistance to realize a good start. 

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