WARM WINTER丨New Year Greeting from Jinfei Group
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-4-12 8:59:13

           Time flies and changes all the way.

Members in Jinfei have gone through the challenging year of 2021, hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder. With the concerted efforts of everyone, even confronting with the severe barriers of the economic market and the war of the epidemic, Jinfei still insists on innovation and development with digitization, adding more vitality for the industry.

No matter where they are, whether in a foreign country, Ningxia border area,the southwest plateau or Jiangnan headquarters, members in Jinfei have always been working conscientiously in their own posts. In the last year, these people have achieved excellent progress and even completed some impossible tasks, drawing a perfect end to 2021. The end of one year means the beginning of a totally new year, over and round. Undoubtedly, the beautiful color of blue, which represents Jinfei, is the most energetic and vivid color in life.

With the Spring Festival approaching, in order to appreciate the efforts of every team leader working in different lines in the company, Jinfei prepared a wealth of new-year gifts for these senior executives. Even in the most chilly winter, our colleagues all felt the collective warmth like spring breezing, which is full of tacit understanding, mutual trust and concerted unity.

New year brings new vision, and our members in Jinfei will embrace the future at a more determined pace and with a more inclusive mindset.


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