Xing Zhihong, Deputy Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jinhua, Together with His Delegation Visited Jinfei Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Motorcycle Wheel) for Investigation and Supervision
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-4-30 15:27:28
         On the morning of February 6,2022, Xing Zhihong, Deputy Secretary of Jinhua Municipal Committee and Mayor of Jinhua, together with his delegation visited Jinfei Manufacturing Co., Ltd(Motorcycle Wheel) for inspection and supervision,accompanied by Gao Feng, Secretary of Wucheng DistrictCommittee, and Hu Yuxian, Deputy Secretaryof Wucheng DistrictCommittee and District Mayor.Ge Bingzao, chairman and president of Jinfei Group, and vice president Feng Hongwarmly welcomed Mayor Xing and his delegation, and accompanied the visit to the project site of Feiyang Town of JinfeiGroup, where an annual output of 10 million pieces of aluminum alloymotorcycle wheels will be achieved this year.

At the project site, Mr.Ge introduced the industrial scale and layout plan of Jinfei to Mayor Xing. By implementing the strategy of "constructing factories based on resources and distributing production and marketing based on market", Jinfei will continue to deeply develop in manufacturing industry, give full play to the layout advantages, and constantly integrate and optimize advantages of resource end and market end.In Feiyang Town, Jinfei intends to build an intelligent manufacturing project which has the capacity of achieving an annual output of 10 million pieces of aluminum alloy motorcycle wheels, an intelligent manufacturing park project for automobile and motorcycle parts, and a new application project on aluminum alloy materials; at the same time to extend the industrial chain by introducing upstream and downstream enterprises.

Under the background of "leading high-quality development of manufacturing industry with digitization", Jinfei intelligent manufacturing project for motorcycle wheels will carry out equipment digitization, operation digitization and process digitization according to the construction standard of "future factory". To realize this, Jinfei will invest in a large number of industrial robots, intelligent logistics equipment, and automatic processing and testing equipment; also, visual recognition, industrial Internet as well as 5G technology will be extensively used, integrating MES, ERP, PLM, APS, EAM, WMS and other information systems to build highly intelligent, flexible and agile production lines. This makes it possible to keep products off the ground and significantly decrease the number of workers, which can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs at the same time, highly promoting enterprise competitiveness and comprehensive benefits.

After the introduction fromMr. Ge, Mayor Xing highly praised Jinfei’s speed of returning to work and production, realizing a good start at the very beginning of Tiger Year; and strongly affirmed jinfei’s digitization and intelligent development level, regarding Jinfei as an excellent example among manufacturing enterprises in digitization transformation. Mayor Xing expressed his hope for Jinfei to keep going on the manufacturing industry road, give full play of industrial chain advantage to be stronger and bigger, and contribute to local economy. 

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