Zhang Xuhui, Secretary of the Party Working Committee ofDevelopment Zone, Jinhua City,Together with His Delegation Visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co., Ltd. to Carry Out the Activity of "Going to the Grassrootsin the New Year, Helping Enterprises
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On the morning of February 9th, Zhang Xuhui, secretary of the Party Working Committee ofDevelopment Zone Jinhua City, together with his delegation visited Zhejiang Jinfei Kaidi Wheel Co., Ltd. to carry out the activity of "going to the grassrootsin the New Year, helping enterprises make a good start"as well as express New Year greetings to the employees of Jinfei.Ge Bingzao, chairman of Jinfei Kaida, warmly welcomed Secretary Zhang and his delegation, and accompanied the visit to the automatic manufacturingworkshop.

At the workshop, Mr. Ge introduced the industrial layout and future plan of Jinfei to Secretary Zhang, and explained the process of the products.At present, by integrating the advantages of resource end and market end, Jinfei has set up manufacturing bases in Yunnan, Ningxia, Jiangxi and some other places, and has established its sales network in a global scale. Advantages of Jinfei’s layout have initially emerged, and the enterprise has been developing steadily.

District government and its warm-heart policies have definitely provided strong and useful help in Jinfeis continuous iteration and upgrading. As usual, Jinfei would start operation on the sixth day of the New Year. Thanks to the supportive policy of the government benefiting both people and enterprises, more than 80% of the employees have been back to work, which laid a solid foundation for the company to quickly resume production, and provided solid guarantee for the enterprise to steadily catch a good start in the Year of the Tiger.

After Mr. Ge’s introduction, Secretary Zhang said that Jinfei has set a fantastic example as advanced private enterprise among manufacturing industry after years of continuous development in this field. Secretary Zhang also expressed that while enterprises are working hard seeking development and innovation, government should also provide strong support by implementing helpful policies and offering enough service, to help them achieve a good start.

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