Shao Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and His Party Visited Zhejiang Jintai Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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On the morning of February 12, Shao Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and his delegation visited Zhejiang Jintai Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to carry out a special investigation and Research on the "good start" in the first quarter. Feng Hong, Vice President of the group company, warmly received Shao and his delegation and accompanied them to visit the steam turbine automation production workshop.

President Feng introduced Jinfei's industrial layout to Vice Mayor Shao and made a brief report on the progress of resumption of work and production. Through a series of measures such as technological transformation and product structure adjustment, Jinfei has formed an industrial pattern with dual wheel drive of aluminum wheels and automotive aluminum alloy related structural parts and diversified support of light alloy materials and intelligent equipment. The steam turbine workshop mainly produces high-end and personalized automotive aluminum alloy hub products. Here we have a modern automatic production line. With the support of the government's "10 ways to warm your heart" and other policies, more than 90% of the employees in Jinhua plant have returned to their posts. Jinfei can quickly resume work and production, and firmly grasp the "good start" of the year of the tiger in 2022.

In the automatic production workshop, Director Cao Guoping explained the production process of aluminum alloy wheel to Vice Mayor Shao. Through intelligent transformation, the factory has endowed our automatic processing unit with human wisdom. We have integrated automatic detection, industrial robots, intelligent tooling and other equipment and facilities. It can achieve the functions of automatic loading and unloading, automatic processing, automatic detection, automatic cleaning of products and tooling, and automatic adjustment of processing size. Compared with the traditional production line, it can effectively avoid the influence of human uncertain factors, greatly reduce the labor cost and improve the production efficiency.

After listening to the introduction of President Feng and factory managerCao, Vice Mayor Shao highly praised the achievements of Jinfei's intelligent transformation and believed that Jinfei played an exemplary role in the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. He also said that relevant government departments should strengthen services, implement the "5 + 4" policy package, promote the smooth operation of the economy and ensure a "good start" in the first quarter.


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