Qin Changbao, The Second level Inspector of The Political and Legal Commission of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and His Delegation Visited Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd
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On the morning of March 9, Qin Changbao, the second level inspector of the political and Legal Committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, and his party visited Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. Ge bingzao, Chairman and President of the company, and Wang Zhen, General Manager of Intelligent ManufacturingMotorcycle Wheel Business Department warmly received the delegation and accompanied them to visit the site of Intelligent ManufacturingMotorcycle wheel project.

At the project site, General Manager Ge introduced the industrial layout and production scale of Jinfei group. By implementing the strategic policy of "building factories around resources and layout production and marketing close to the market", Jinfei has continued to cultivate the industry, give full play to the layout advantages, and constantly integrate and optimize the advantages of resources and markets. It has established production bases and sales networks in Fuyuan, Yunnan, Zhongning, Ningxia, Fengcheng, Jiangxi, the United States, India, Thailand and other places. In Feiyang Town, Jinfei will build the intelligent manufacturing project of aluminum alloy wheels for motorcycles with an annual output of 10 million pieces, the intelligent park project of Jinfei automobile and motorcycle accessories, and the industrial profile project of new alloy materials. At the same time, it will introduce upstream and downstream enterprises to extend the industrial chain.

In the production workshop, President Wang introduced the future factory production mode and production safety status of Intelligent Manufacturing motorcycle wheel. Through the construction of equipment digitization, operation digitization and process digitization, Jinfei has improved the manufacturing level of traditional manufacturing industry to a more advanced level. Compared with traditional production lines, the labor cost has been greatly reduced and the production efficiency has been improved. While the number of employees is reduced, the company also does not slacken in safety production, improves employees' production safety awareness from the aspects of awareness establishment and system norms, and standardizes employees' operation behavior, so as to promote safe production in the workshop.

After inspecting the workshop site, Qin Changbao highly appreciated Jinfei's achievements in intelligent manufacturing, and said that the standardization of the system in the production process is worthy of recognition. He hoped that Jinfei would make persistent efforts to expand and strengthen and strictly control production safety at the same time.


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