Xu Jieqiang, Secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee of Jiangxi Province, and His Party Visited Jiangxi Jinfei wheel Co., Ltd
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-6-5 9:32:17

        On the afternoon of April 16, Xu Jieqiang, Secretary of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee, Jiangxi Province, and Wang Huabo, Deputy Director of the high tech park and Secretary of the circular Park, visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for investigation. Yang Zhigang, chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei, and Feng Yanjun, General Manager of Jiangxi Jinfei warmly received Secretary Xu and his delegation and accompanied them to visit the workshop site.

During the visit, Director Yang introduced to Secretary Xu the current production capacity of Jiangxi Jinfei and the production mode of each workshop. Secretary Xu put forward suggestions that enterprises can speed up the construction of relevant research institutes, promote technology research and development and capacity upgrading. The park management committee can lead enterprises in the park, promote the expansion of enterprise sales channels and accelerate the development of circular economy. Director Yang and Secretary Wang affirmed Secretary Xu's suggestions.
       In addition, Director Yang also fed back some difficulties and problems existing in the development of the enterprise to Secretary Xu. At present, local control of the epidemic has hindered production. He hopes that the government departments will coordinate and promote the development of the enterprise. After hearing the feedback from director Yang, Secretary Xu also said that he would conduct in-depth exchanges with enterprises in the future, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production, and provide necessary guarantee for enterprise development to solve the actual problems of enterprises.
       Finally, Secretary Xu placed high hopes on the future capacity upgrading and development of Jiangxi Jinfei group. He hoped that Jinfei group would establish a good cooperative relationship with Jiangxi local enterprises, broaden the market and drive the development of local economy at the same time.
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