Zhang Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of Yichun Municipal Party committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of Yichun Municipal Government and Executive Vice Mayor of Yichun, Jiangxi Province, Visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd
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       On the morning of April 18, Zhang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Yichun Municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the Party group and executive vice mayor of Yichun Municipal government and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yichun Economic Development Zone, and his party visited Jiangxi Jinfei Wheel Co., Ltd. for guidance. Yang Zhigang, chairman of Jiangxi Jinfei, and Feng Yanjun, general manager of Jiangxi Jinfei received them warmly.

        Presideng Yang introduced the production situation of the workshop to Vice Mayor Zhang. The smelting furnace fully recycled the waste heat of the discharged waste gas, changed the traditional combustion mode, saved about 15% energy compared with the traditional smelting furnace, and achieved the goal of energy conservation, emission reduction, low consumption and high efficiency. Then, accompanied by President Feng, Vice Mayor Zhang and his party visited the automatic coating line. Based on the automatic production mode, the production line not only reduced the labor cost and reduced the labor error, but also improved the production capacity and production efficiency, improved the qualified rate of products and effectively reduced the production cost.
       After listening to the introduction of Mr. Yang and Mr. Feng, Vice Mayor Zhang praised the scale and production chain of Jiangxi Jinfei and hoped that local enterprises in Fengcheng would change their existing ideas, change from waste recycling to machining, create more jobs, retain local talents, create opportunities for cooperation between local enterprises and Jiangxi Jinfei, and realize the integration of manufacturing and sales in Jiangxi Province.
      Finally, Vice Mayor Zhang placed high hopes on Jiangxi Jinfei. He believed that with the drive of the government, the development of Jiangxi Jinfei could reach a higher level.
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