The Provincial Manufacturing High-Quality Development Conference was Held and Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. was Awarded the "Future Factory" of Zhejiang Province in 2021
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        On the morning of April 19th, the provincial high-quality manufacturing development conference was held in Zhejiang.This is the third consecutive yearthat Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held this meeting. After the previous two sessions, the promotion mechanism of departmental coordination and linkage has been well established in Zhejiang province, which has helped form good atmosphere, drive the steady growth of manufacturing industry and effectively promote the continuous consolidation and improvement of Zhejiang’s economy. 

       1,253 advanced units in 7 categories of 12 items have been awarded and certified in this conference, for their high-quality development in manufacturing industry in 2021. Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. was listed in the "Future Factory" list in Zhejiang Provincein 2021.
       Under the background of "leading the high-quality development of manufacturing industry by digitization", Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. arranges its projects in accordance with the construction standard of “Future Factory”, and makes full use of automatic production line and various information systems, to realize unmanned and automatic production in the whole process and minimize man-made influence in production efficiency and product quality. Through intelligent and digital transformation, this factory will be built into ahigh-end digital factory of motorcycle wheels, both international first-class and domestic leading position.
       Zhejiang Jinfei Intelligent Manufacturing Motorcycle Wheel Co., Ltd. will continue to deepen the combined application of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry. It will also iteratively promote the construction of "Future Factory", and focus on application scenarios such as Digital Design, Intelligent Production, Digital Management, Green Production, Safety Management and Control, Network Collaboration, Personalized Customization and Service Extension, etc. This will help carry out the application of new technology as well as innovation of new modes and enable the digital transformation of enterprises and industries. 
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