Zhang Xinyu, Executive Vice Mayor of Jinhua City, Together with Jinhua Federation of Trade Unions,Paid a Visit to Ge Bingzao- the Provincial Model Worker and Representative of Advanced Workers
Sort:COMPANY NEWS   Time:2022-6-22 10:25:22

      On the afternoon of April 29, Zhang Xinyu, executive vice mayor of Jinhua City, together with Jinhua Federation of Trade Unions paid a visit to Ge Bingzao, theprovincial model worker and representative of advanced workers. On the occasion of International Labour Day, they brought care and warmth from the party and the government, and expressed festive greetings and blessings.

       Vice Mayor Zhang presented some flowers and bonus allowance to Mr. Ge, to express thankfulness to him for his giant contribution to the development of private economy. He alsokindly asked about the operation and development status of Jinfei Group.
       Mr.Ge said that as the COVID-19 continues spreading, while actively implementing the prevention and control policies, Jinfei Group continues to deepen the advantages of industrial layout, and the overall operation has achieved steady development. The overall output value in the first quarter of 2022 has increased, achieving a good start of the year. 
       Vice Mayor Zhang said that model workers are advanced models emerging from all professions and trades, and that they should play a good vanguard model and leading role. Enterprises should also well do the job in the construction of trade union organization, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, and encourage all employees to learn from them. 
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