Benefits and Properties
of Essential Oil Carrier Oils

Vegetable, nut and seed oils can be used as an essential oil carrier.

Would you like to learn about different carrier oils?
What they are obtained from
What is the method of extraction
What properties does each oil have
What is the suitability of the oil for what you want to use it for
What benefits does the oil provide for you
What are the ways you can use it
What is the recommended solution for use

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Carrier are needed to 'carry' other substance (which could be essential oils or herb) that can not be applied directly onto the skin. You can use oils or lotions, we will go over the different oils here. You can also use some of these oils to make your own lotions to use. So it is good to learn about the different ones available.

One oil you do not want to use as a essential oil carrier is a baby oil. Most baby oils are just mineral oil which is a derivative of crude oil (petroleum. Instead of penetrating the skin, it forms an oily film over skin to lock in moisture, but doing this it also traps in toxins and wastes, and hinders normal skin respiration by keeping oxygen out. Petrolatum, paraffin oil, and propylene glycol are common forms of mineral oil, any of which can cause petrochemical hypersensitivity. So stay away from mineral oil even in the form of baby oil.

Almond Oil

Aloe Vera

Apricot Kernel Oil

Arnica Oil


Borage (Starflower)



Evening Primrose





Peanut (Groundnut, Arachis)


Sesame Seed (Gingelli)

Soya Bean




As you will find out the carrier oils you choose to put your essential oils in also have different benefits that can help your skin and sometimes even the conditon or ailment.

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Lets leave Essential Oil Carrier oils to examine some individual essenital oils to find out which you want to use with your carrier.

Check out some of the recipes for products you can make yourself using these oils. Besides just using them to put your essenital oils in you can make lotions, creams, salves and your own herbal oils.

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