Benefits and Properties
Rosemary Essential Oil

Botanical Name
Rosmarinus officinalis

Labiatae - rosemary is in the mint family

Place of Origin
Mediterranean coast area. Now grown worldwide especially in France, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Morocco, China, Russia, and California. France, Spain and North Africa (Morocco) export the oil.

Plant Description
It is a herb that grows 3 to 6 feet tall with small needle like dark silver-green leaves and mauve, or pale-blue flowers. It grows the best by the sea. It takes about 66 pounds of plant material to make 1 pound of essential oil.
It requires a mild winter so if you live in a cold area you will need to bring your plant inside during the winter.

Essential Oil
The leaves and flowering tops are steam distilled. It is a middle note. The oil is colorless but can be a pale yellow with a strong, herby, wood, balsamic, lemony, minty, camphor-like fragrance, it is very rich and complex . Its character is yang.

Another thing to consider with this oil is that since it is a popular oil it is also adulterated a lot, some are adulterated with eucalyptus oil or distilled from the whole plant which makes an inferior oil, so be sure and get this oil from a reputable supplier so you do not end up with a poor quality oil. Wild Rosemary (wild-crafted and carefully distilled) is amazing as a healing oil.

Pinene, borneol, camphor, camphene, limonene, cineol, linalol, terpineol, eucalyptol, octanone, thujone, caryophyllene, cineol, resins. It is a plant with quite a few variables in chemistry.

Blends Well With:
spice, herb and citrus oils – basil, black pepper, clove, marjoram, peppermint, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, frankincense, grapefruit, lemon, hyssop, bergamot, clary, lemongrass,

This essential oil is non-toxic and not-irritating (though it may sting slightly on first contact) when diluted correctly before applying to skin. It is a very strong oil so always use it with care, but it is not harmful when used correctly and a wonderful healing oil.
Do not use if pregnant, are elpileptics, or have high blood pressure. (It can be use for epileptic seizures, similar to homeopathic remedies - in large doses it can cause epileptic seizures and with correct small doses it acts as a remedy. You may hear about someone who uses rosemary (also sage, hyssop and thyme) for epilepsy, but you need to be under the care of a knowledgeable practitioner as they know how to figure out the correct dosage for each individual so it is best to avoid these oil if you are epilepsy.

Aproximate Drops Per Use
Use about 3-4 drops in 1 ounce of carrier

Beneficial Effects – Physical
Antispasmodic, bactericide, antimicrobial, stimulating, antispectic, expectorant, antioxidant, pain relieving, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, astringent, fungicidal, nervine, hypertensive, parasiticide, wound healing

Specific Conditions – Physical
Use this oil to help with varicose veins, fluid retention, cellulite, lymph congestion, muscle pain and cramps, sprains, lice, jaundice, poor circulation, menstrual cramps, headaches, lymph congestion, sluggish liver, hair and scalp problems, hair loss, dandruff, gout, urinary infections, skin infections, gum infections, acne, oily skin, coughs, flu, earache, raises blood pressure

Beneficial Effects – Mental
Refreshing, invigorating, stimulating, tonic for nerves

Specific Conditions – Mental
Memory helper, low self esteem ego, mental tiredness, distress, stress, concentration, depression

Do you need help getting started in the morning or are you just a morning grouch?
Then just add some of this essential oil to your shower gel or make a body spritz with these oils. It helps increase your circulation while uplifting and warming you.
If you are going someplace where you need to keep you mind stimulated and on track (maybe a test at school or an important meeting at work) keep some rosemary with you on a tissue in your pocket or use a necklace diffuser. You can also dilute in a carrier oil and massage you back and neck for an reviving your concentration and uplifting your spirit.
Since it is an antimicrobial diffuse it in your home during cold and flu season to help you get feeling better faster. Also use it in a standard dilution as a massage or in a salve. Because of the antispasmodic properties it may help with coughs.
For menstrual cramps or stimulating menstruation use in a warm compress and massage oil.
Do you grow rosemary - make a infused oil with the fresh leaves and use for a massage oil for your sore muscles, it can also help with infections.
If you have dry scalp, with or without dandruff – make a standard dilution and massage it into your scale, leave on for 15-30 minutes and then shampoo, it makes your scalp feel wonderful and has a nice smell. Also good for hair loss (after an illness) and use as a hair rinse for dark hair.
Add rosemary oil to your insect repellent.
It is a good oil to use for someone who has mood swings or in stressful situations. It helps to clear your head.
For help with liver function and problems use a warm compress to the area of the organ.
Diffuse the oil and use in a massage oil for help in regulating high blood sugar.
Use as a compress or massage oil for help in relieving stomach pains, flatulence, intestinal infections and diarrhea.
I read where you can take it orally as a tonic to the liver, gallbladder, and heart and will help to lower cholesterol levels, but I don’t recommend taking essential oils internally unless under a knowledgeable practitioner. But do try using it with inhalation and massage.
Diffuse the oil or use in a room spray for cleaning the air of illness causing germs. Also diffuse or use steam inhalation for cough, asthmatic or bronchial spasms.
Enjoy using and leaning what this essential oil will help you with, there are many things you can use this oil for including adding it to cleaning solutions around your house for an nice clean smell along with the antiseptic properties.

Be sure to take into consideration your lifestyle and diet when doing things like adding essential oils or herbs to improve your health.

It was referred to in Shakespeare as the herb of remembrance:
Ophelis in ‘Hamlet’ said “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance…”

The name means ‘dew of the sea’ taken from two Latin words – ros + marinus

Just so you know Rosemary Verbenone is less stimulating and is more irritating to the skin. It would be good to use before bed but if you use it in a bath but be sure and dilute it more than you would the standard. It is suppose to be better at clearing catarrh (the inflammation of a mucous membrane especially of the nose and throat).

Rosemary is an ingredient in true eau de colgne and a main ingredient of Hungary Water or Queen of Hungary’s Water which is suppose to have miraculous rejuvenating effects.

Rosemary has been used in cooking (in early times it may of been for flavoring or preserving meat when there was not refrigeration) and for medical purposes for centuries. It has been found in Egyptian graves, in Rome and Athens it was considered sacred, Greeks and Romans used wreaths of rosemary on their paintings of gods and students wore wreaths on their heads when studying, in the Middle Ages it was used to smoke out devils during exorcisms, and burned in sick rooms to fumigant them, hospitals in France even used it for this, it was considered a universal remedy by alchemists during the Rensisance, and was used for protection during the plague.

There are songs, stories, folktales and legends about this plant - from inviting good ghosts into your house, to being symbols of faithfulness, love and friendship at festivities, including weddings and funeral, and a reminder of the life and death cycle to name a few. One legend says the flowers were white until on the flight to Egypt the Virgin Mary stopped to rest and hung her cloak on a rosemary plant.

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